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Everyone is freaking out about the DOW and the bailout, so I'm offering up my opinion on it. I swear I wish Congress could masturbate its brain muscle once in awhile.

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You solve fundamental problems with fundamental solutions.

Pumping liquidity into the market in the form of a $700 billion "bailout" plan is absolutely mind-numbingly stupid. That money would be printed on the backend, and it would devalue the US Dollar into the ground, and you can only do that so long before the "value" (and i say that loosely) is gone. But you can't do nothing because if the DOW goes below 8,000 or so, companies are going to go under, people will be without jobs, and life in general, would suck, hard.

So the 1 million dollar fucking question is, how do you inject money into the economy, without borrowing it, so that you can free up credit to financial institutions so that the whole cycle doesn't implode?

Simple: Divert social security tax for 1 year to generate 700 billion dollars that doesn't have to be borrowed. Just temporarily reroute it to cover our ass, then put it back. Does it have ramifications? Yes. (sorry old people) Would it be effective? Yes. Take an average of a 40k year salary and shave 5% off of it. Its obtainable. You can crunch the fuzzymath yourself :P Is it logical? Print money, or use money we already have? (devalue or not to devalue the dollar, that is the question)

I'm making this a public post for once. That's a good temporary solution, and in my opinion, a far better one than whats being offered. Its not the end all solution to economic problems. Here are a few things that might help the bigger picture:

-Tightened oversight over the Federal Reserve.
-People/Companies living beyond their means.
-Strengthening the value of the dollar.
-End speculation.

You know in all honesty, America had one good chance to put someone in charge that understood this issue, and quite frankly a lot more than that. Hey, all the people who laughed at Ron Paul, and thought he was an idiot (and that his ideas were too far-fetched), how do you feel now? I sometimes think that people just can't see issues long term and that people deserve their fate, but then again, if voting actually changed anything, it would be illegal. Yeah, that's some change you can believe in.